Help Us Find a Venue for Thailand’s First Waboba Tournament

We need your help. We are looking for a venue for Thailand’s first Waboba tournament. It would probably need to be in either Phuket or Krabi. Ideally, what we need is a resort to host the event on a calm beachfront with shallow sea. It would ideally be a weekend event, with teams from around Asia staying at the resort for the duration. The ideal time for the event would be in November 2012. This is what a Waboba tournament looks like in Portugal. If you can think of a venue in Thailand that would be suitable for a fairly large competition, please let us know.

Help Us Organise a Waboba Tournament in Thailand

Waboba Tournament

Waboba Tournament by Gigantes at Live Beach, Mangualde

Here’s another good reason to help us organise a Waboba tournament in Thailand. The tournament that just ended in Mangualde, Portugal, was a huge success.

We’d like to start with a local tournament and hopefully take a Thai team to the Waboba World Cup. If you have a Waboba team, a club or a suitable venue for a tournament in Thailand, we would like to hear from you.

The below report is by Leeroy at the tournament that just ended in Mangualde, Portugal:

16 teams, over 90 players total, played in the Waboba tournament hosted by Gigantes Sports Mangualde at Live Beach and after 64 exciting games the winner was BEIHAUS!

Athletes can hardly wait for the next tournament and the champions hope to be eligible for the Waboba World Cup. As for now, team Beihaus are available, willing, and eager to teach or play against any team that would like to challenge them.

GSM, third runner up cannot wait to give BEIHAUS another go, they were the only ones that managed to win a game against the champs and are dying to take the title away. Their team tactics and strategy have to be worked on and they are definitely not going to let the opportunity go by!

“More, more, more!” and “What are we going to do between 19:00 and 21:00 every day?” can be heard from everyone. Emails tell us how much they liked this new sport and even though finals were last Friday, EVERYONE misses the tournament and will surely continue playing Waboba.

Waboba thanks Gigantes Sports Club and their team for the excellent organization and dedication throughout the tournament. Fair play was guaranteed by the president of the club and the referee, both calm cool and definitely playing by the rules. They would love to host the World Cup in 2012 and help Waboba organize it at Live Beach next June, but that depends if we have teams from other countries ready to play and challenge Beihaus!

Thank you to the Mangualde City Council for backing up this new sport and as discussed Waboba is in Mangualde to stay! Also thank you to the Live Beach team for making this tournament possible by giving us the space from 19 to 21 each day, promoting the tournament and having the hindsight of identifying a good thing when they see one.

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