Return of the Bionic Salesman – Koh Samui

The Bionic Salesman
A Journey around Thailand

Ahh! Thailand, land of banyans, backpackers, pork with basil, and other great things beginning with B.

I am traveling around Thailand for the next month – on Koh Samui with the family today, then Koh Lanta, Krabi, Phuket and Khao Lak.

I have my camera equipment with me, so if anyone wants help putting together a Waboba video for the Waboba Video Contest 2012 (and can catch us as we’re passing through), just give us a holler.

Bangkok Airways chopped us up at ‘bumi airport and put us through the mincer. The family arrived on Samui like grim survivors of the apocalypse, two in one plane, two in another, and our luggage in a third. It seems to be a general rule that staff in Thai companies spend their time troubleshooting a system that just doesn’t work. We’ll be choosing a different airline on the way back.

We’ve settled in a beach hut in Bang Rak, where we can lie, four in the bed, and watch the propeller planes sweep in at tree height over the sea. I’ve come to the conclusion that Bang Rak is a better beach than Lamai, which is better than Chaweng.

Our beach hut looks like this.

Samui Beach Hut, Bang Rak

More later.

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