Waboba Video Contest – Cast Your Vote and Help Us Decide Who Wins a Holiday in Phuket

Cast Your Vote and Help Us Decide Who Gets to Win a Five-Star Holiday in Phuket, Thailand, Plus 700 USD in Cash
Watch the four videos and cast your vote in the voting box below.
Lightness and Bounce, by Tian Xiao and friends Come Alive, by Jeremy Trylch
World’s Longest Waboba Bounce, by the Sanya Cricket Club Anyone for Wennis? by Zhang Lan
We Need Your Vote
Who do you think deserves to win the holiday in Phuket, Thailand? Cast your vote in the box to the right.

This vote will be taken as an indicator of the popularity of the videos, but because of the unreliability of online voting, the final decision on who wins the competition will be taken by Waboba.

by bounceologist

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